Husky Pomeranian Mix

What can you expect from a Husky Pomeranian mix? In some cases, an extremely cute little dog that looks like a miniature Husky. Whenever you cross two breeds, the puppies are going to take on some of the characteristics of each of its parent’s breeds. Often, one breed will tend to dominate. In this case, at least from some of the images that have been floating across the Internet, and on YouTube, the head and muzzle of a typical Husky Pomeranian mix, or “Pomsky”, seems to be mostly Husky, the size tends to be more like that of a Pomeranian, and the coat can vary. The curved tail belongs to both breeds, so the fact that most of the puppies have such a curved tail should be no surprise. Since its ancestors on both sides of the family come from Arctic breeds, a Pomsky’s coat is also well suited for frigid weather. It is a thick double coat, and a coat that requires an occasional good brushing.

The Pomsky is the latest of the so-called “Designer” breeds, and it is without a doubt one of the cutest. Some of these dogs do look like miniature Huskies. Some even look like little stuffed toy Huskies. It’s almost a wonder that it took so long to come up with this hybrid, since Husky puppies can be so darn cute. Those Pomskies that lean more towards the Pomeranian in appearance are no less cute however.

What A Pomsky Puppy Can Cost

A dog that is a Husky Pomeranian mix isn’t necessarily a very small dog, like a Pomeranian, but is generally much smaller than a Husky, and usually will be somewhere between 5 and 20 pounds, in other words, a small to medium-sized dog. This new hybrid is already much in demand, which is reflected in the cost. There may not be enough of them around at present to find one in a shelter, although there are always plenty of other lovable dogs in shelters who are in need of a home. The cost of a Pomsky typically runs somewhere between $1,000 and $1,200 – definitely a designer dog price tag.

If you put your name in for a puppy that is yet to be born, it can sometimes be a gamble as to what you will get when purchasing a hybrid breed. This particular hybrid is almost certain to be an attractive little dog, no matter which of its parents it takes most after. More difficult to predict may be its   temperament, which often can vary from puppy to puppy in the same litter. In this respect, it would be helpful to know a bit about both the Husky and Pomeranian breeds, so you’ll be better prepared for the care and training tasks that lie ahead.

Characteristics Of The Husky

The Husky is a sled dog, and probably always will be. It is a working dog, and tends to be somewhat strong willed. It’s therefore very important that you, the owner, be strong willed as well, or your Husky will be quick to take advantage of you. Huskies can be a bit mischievous at times, and being working dogs, will tend to become easily bored if there is nothing to do. When you have a Husky as a pet, you have a dog that needs plenty of exercise. They will get along fine with other dogs, and with people, but should learn to socialize with both at a young age. That said, the Husky can be an affectionate, friendly, and loyal companion.

Characteristics Of The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian has two speeds, fast and faster. It is a lively little dog, as well as being a very intelligent one. Like the Husky, it tends to be strong willed, so don’t be surprised if that characteristic surfaces in a Pomsky puppy. The Pomeranian occasionally suffers from what might be called a “Small Dog Syndrome”, and also can take on some of the characteristics of being a pack leader, so a rather strict hand is needed when raising a puppy, or there may be problems down the line. Like the Husky, the Pomerania is a breed that needs plenty of exercise, and if taken for daily walks will usually be a much better behaved dog. A Pomeranian isn’t always good to have around children, but can be a very good companion for elderly people.

Characteristics Of The Pomsky

The Husky does not do a great deal of barking, while the Pomeranian is known as a barker, so a dog that is a Husky Pomeranian mix will probably fall somewhere in the middle. The Pomsky also needs plenty of exercise, as it will generally be a lively little dog, but will not need as much exercise, on a daily basis, as would a Husky. A Pomsky will normally have inherited little in the way of bad traits, and should not be a problem dog. As is the case with most dogs, how it behaves once matured has a lot to do with how it is handled and trained as it grows up. For $1,200, you should at least take the trouble to teach your puppy to sit.

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